Re-opening of the gallery & pop-up exhibition

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Free visit of the Pinhole portrait gallery. The pictures where taken during the first action of StillStanding for Culture in February 2021.
60 persons came to support the initiative by posing for their portrait.

You trusted us last February, you are the first to know. The portraits are now hanging in the hall of the gallery. Come and discover them. They are extremely emotional, witnesses of a dark period which will remain in all memories.

50 portraits printed in the traditional way on silver paper,
toned with potassium ferricyanide.

The reception is free.
Friday 11 June from 5pm to 7pm
Saturday 12 June from 11am to 6pm
Sunday 13 June from 11am to 5pm
If you wish, at the end of the exhibition
you have the possibility to acquire
a framed print of your portrait