18.02.2024 |  "Imaginary World, Imagined World"

18.02.2024 | "Imaginary World, Imagined World"

Roundtable on Fiction and Iconic Narration
in the Age of AI

Date & Time:18 February 2024, 16:00 - 17:30

This roundtable will explore the intersections of fiction, iconic narration, and artificial intelligence. As AI technologies continue to advance, the boundaries between the imaginary and the imagined blur, offering new creative possibilities, but also challenging our current understanding of art, creativity and storytelling.

The recent possibilities of AI in video and photographic creation are revolutionary. AI now enables creators to generate hyper-realistic images, animations, and videos from simple textual descriptions, transforming the way narratives are visualised and stories are told or revisited. This technology not only automates parts of the creative process but also introduces a new dimension of creativity, where the collaboration between human imagination and neural networks helps to create unprecedented forms of art.

The Tiny Gallery in Brussels, dedicated to photography the late 19th to early 20th centuries, but also to contemporary creations, would like to stimulate a necessary discussion on the transformative impact of AI on the visual arts and setting the stage for a future where the boundaries of what can be imagined and created are continually expanded.


Dan Zhu, Belgium and UK-based researcher and media artist. Dan’s current Ph.D. research at Loughborough University focuses on the design of future hybrid creative spaces using the pattern language approach. Her educational and professional background as architect spans China, USA, Belgium, and the UK. From 2021-2022, project manager at GLUON Art & Research organisation in Brussels, and before executive manager at Design Square of the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University in Shanghai. She is also a guest co-editor and translator for ILAUD (International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design). Dan’s recent publications include “An Analytical Framework for Designing Future Hybrid Creative Learning Spaces: A Pattern Approach” and “Environmental Design vs. Environmental Art Design: A Chinese Perspective”. (zhu.dan729@gmail.com)

Petermfriess is an artist and researcher who explores the intersections between art, technology and society. His work spans a range of media, including digital art, sound art and interactive installations, with a focus on AI-generated art. His projects, such as "Darwin 2", "The Otherverse" and "Metaverse Orientations", reflect a deep interest in the genesis of tomorrow, contextual research-creation and the exploration of human and non-human life forms. Contributions to discussions on art and technology are presented in exhibitions, conferences and publications worldwide, from Brussels and Paris to Shanghai and beyond, underlining his role in the dialogue between the digital and tangible worlds.
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