Monya Ghabantani

After taking a foundation year in the Lille School of Architecture, Monya Ghabantani completed her diploma in higher education in Plastic and Visual Arts in 2005 at the Saint Luc Institute in Tournai.  

With a career enriched by theatre and cinema, and being someone impressed by architecture, and excited by images, some may say I’m a free spirit, but it is photography, and more specifically old analogue processes and the plastic arts, where I express myself.    

My work and research carry a reflection on the invisible, from disappearance to revelation, from unacknowledged to forgotten. 

This genealogical project is part of a long process, guided by a compass made of intuition and signs. The slow-paced process allows for an introspection in direct dialogue with the gosts. What remains of them inside of us of which we are simply not aware?