Archival images bear witness to the strength and resilience of women through the eyes of coal miners and opera divas.

EXHIBITION "Hors les murs" Opening on 24.04.2024 at 18:30

At the beginning of the 20th century, female miners, facing adversity, shaped resilient lives in an emerging industrial context. At the same time, the world of opera shone with its ability to move and inspire through the sublime expressions of its stars. The portraits, whether real or AI-generated, offer a gateway between tangible reality and artistic expression, capturing the essence of the lives of female miners and opera stars, and inviting a dialogue with the past.

ADDRESS: Mining and Sustainable Development Museum in Bois-du-Luc
Rue Saint-Patrice 2b, 7110 Houdeng-Aimeries
Exhibition from April 26 to September 29, 2024
From Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Cross-referenced images from the archives of:
Photography Museum in Charleroi, Museum of Walloon Life - Province of Liège, Mining and Sustainable Development Museum in Bois-du-Luc, Tiny Gallery in Brussels, House of Metallurgy and Industry in Liège, Archives and Museum of Literature in Brussels, Museum collection of the Fine Arts of Mons, property of the City of Mons, on deposit at the Artothèque, Wallonia-Brussels Federation General Service for Heritage - Pep’s

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