Most Impactful AI Conclusions from the 18 February Roundtable

Most Impactful AI Conclusions from the 18 February Roundtable

1. Perception of AI as risky and a source of questioning: The integration of AI into the creative field is viewed with caution, raising questions about ethical, cultural, and societal implications.

2. Heritage and authenticity: Cultural heritage is considered essential, but the proliferation of falsified and invented content via AI questions the integrity of this heritage.
3. AI and the enhancement of archives: AI presents significant potential for exploring and revealing the hidden riches in our archives, opening new perspectives on our cultural past.
4. Advocacy for open source: The open-source approach to data is encouraged, promoting a culture of transparency and sharing that can enrich collective creativity.
5. Importance of traceability: The ability to trace the origin of data and the responses generated by AI is crucial, highlighting the role of metadata in ensuring credibility and authenticity.
6. Evolution of the concept of creator: The myth of the brilliant creator, dominant since the 19th century, is challenged by AI, which redistributes the cards of artistic creation.
7. Role of metadata in artistic existence: Beyond the simple production of works, artistic existence is increasingly defined and valued by associated metadata, such as exhibitions and galleries.
8. Transformation of the artist's role: AI questions the role and means of the artist, questioning the very notion of individuality in the creative process.

Given the increasing artistic possibilities of AI, the Tiny Gallery intends to continue the discussion on the subject


Summary done by Petermfriess


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