Pinhole Albumen of my son

Pinhole Albumen of my son

First Post-Lockdown Visit

At the end of the lockdown in Brussels, once it had been authorised, our son came to visit us. Just before he went to the hairdresser, I asked him to pose for a pinhole. I wanted to have something to remember this unique and special reunion by. A simple pose in front of the garden window let the greying light of the Brussels sky chisel his grave expression after weeks of isolation. After the long exposure to light, only his face emerged.

I liked the 19th-Century Victorian character of his expression, which I felt brought me closer to the pioneers of photography. The salts blended into the natural fibre of the paper, strengthening the Christlike nature of the image. Afterwords, the photo reminded me of the Shroud of Turin.

Pinhole Olivier Guyaux. Print on handmade paper by Pascal Jeanjean. Cyanotype on albumen layer 10x15cm


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