FaceTime with Megan - Albumen pinhole

 FaceTime with our English translator Megan during the April 2020 lockdown - The aim here was to organise a long-distance portrait sitting. I positioned the pinhole camera in front of my mobile phone screen. I was pleased with the results which overcame the distance along with the extreme softness of the contrasts. The printing of the pinhole negative was carried out on paper made by hand by the master paper-maker, Pascal Jeanjean. A double layer of albumen was sealed into the sensitive layer. The colour was enhanced by additional tanning with albumen, which re-diluted the image into the paper. The salts melt into the wet paper a bit like a 'fresco' painting. The structure and imperfection of the surface enhance the desired pictorial character.

Megan Thomasson is TinyGallery's English editor and translator. She studied Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Durham (UK). 

Cyanotype on albumen 9x15 cm. April 2020 Pinhole Olivier Guyaux - Paper Pascal Jeanjean - TinyGallery Brussels