24.10.2023 | A Luni Son (performance AV) – Isa*Belle + Paradise Now (Fr/Be) + Petermfriess (De/Be)

24.10.2023 | A Luni Son (performance AV) – Isa*Belle + Paradise Now (Fr/Be) + Petermfriess (De/Be)


24.10.2023 | 8:15pm

At the invitation of the Tiny Gallery, as part of the exhibition “Forever (a closeup of love and marriage)”, Isa*Belle (sound-body artist/performer) and Paradise Now (sound and intermedia creator) offer an audio-visual performance which takes its source from their visual and sound installation “A Luni Son” created in 2021 during the ARTour biennial of contemporary art and heritage (La Louvière).

For this first in this performative form, Isa*Belle + Paradise Now invite the visual artist Petermfriess (participating, moreover, in the Forever exhibition) for a projection of images linked to his series “Wedding_Beauty”, a digital exploration of the timeless mystery of marriage, with wedding dresses captured digitally, driven by algorithms, oscillating between reality and fiction, passion, turmoil and disappointing expectation.

“A Luni Son” highlights the evocative and relational power of sound when it is closely associated with one of the most intense moments of our existence, that of the romantic encounter.

The audio content is based on a series of interviews carried out for the occasion with women (of different origins, ages, backgrounds and cultures) who have experienced “great love” and who discuss here the context of this meeting and its link with this or that sound. These intimate comments are mixed with the vibrations of singing bowls, gongs and ritual objects manipulated by Isa*Belle, dialoguing with the electronic soundscapes distilled live by Paradise Now.

In partnership with Transcultures/City Sonic 20 years

Isa*Belle + Paradise Now (Fr/Be)


Since 2002, Isa*Belle has been developing an “bio-glamorous” artistic approach, promoting a well-being of the body – in its multiple dimensions – associated with the development of the senses. Since 2005, based in Belgium, she has been working in duo with the sound artist Paradise Now (electronic processing and sound design, texts and co-design) on several “sound” installation and performance projects which have been presented in many many places and festivals around the world.

Since 2015, she has also been a member of the trio “Les ours bipolaires” with poet/author Werner Moron and Paradise Now, and since 2017 of Unda with sound artist Ariane Cheseaux. She has also collaborated with several musicians of different contemporary styles (Maurice Charles JJ, Stephan Dunkelman, Matthieu Safatly, Didié Nietzsche…).


Since the early 1980s, Paradise Now has been developing a multifaceted artistic journey and has produced numerous choreographic music (for Nadine Ganase, Manon Oligny, etc.), interdisciplinary performances, videos (in particular for Régis Cotentin, Hanzel & Gretzel or Thomas Israël), multimedia projects (with digital artists such as Philippe Boisnard, Marc Veyrat, art2network).

In 2014 co-directed the film Bernard Heidsieck, poetry in action (which was also the subject of the DVD book-box Variations sur Bernard Heidsieck).

In addition to her collaborations with the holistic performer Isa*Belle (several body/sound art installations and performances since 2005), he also works, among others, with the electronic musicians Christophe Bailleau (the Pastoral duo), Gauthier Keyaerts (within Supernova), Stephan Dunkelman as well as the vocalist Maja Jantar and several poets (including Ira Cohen, Gerard Malanga, Werner Moron, Eric Therer, Catrine Godin, Habiba Sheikh).


Wedding Beauty - Petermfriess (De/Be)


Profund exploration of the timeless matrimony mystery. Wedding dresses piloted by algorithms between reality and fiction. Narration not merely about the romanticised sunlit peaks of love. The ferocity of passion, the tranquility of companionship, the pain of unrequited longing, and the bittersweet love transcend time and space.
In the weave of time, love transcends, like golden circuits of affection pulsing in the quantum heart of eternity.

Tomorrow’s vows echo in the cosmos, the marriage of souls painted on the infinite canvas of forever.
Encoded in the neural lace of love, we discover uncharted galaxies, illuminating the dark matter of our eternal union.
Our shared resonance modulates the rhythm of time, shaping a melody of love that dances in the spirals of infinity.
Recognising the inherent value of your partner, honoring your shared dreams, and cultivating empathy is the mantra for a lasting, fulfilling marriage. The essence of love is in its perpetuity, in the promise of ‘forever’.
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