In the wake of tragedy, Antwerp art photographer Ingeborg Selleslags found solace and healing through her unique approach to capturing the unseen. In 2016, she became a victim of the national airport attacks, an experience that forever changed her perspective on life and death.

Through her meticulous work, this talented photographer creates large format portraits using the VanDyke and Cyanotypes techniques. These methods require patience, precision, and a deep connection with the subject matter. The resulting images are a testament to her journey of healing and self-discovery.

Her works speak to the vulnerability of leaving life, capturing the essence of death as a destructive, irreversible, and brutal force. Each portrait tells a story of the loneliness experienced in the moment of death, the final breath of life, and the heart-wrenching act of leaving loved ones behind. It is a poignant exploration of letting go and embracing the unknown.

In her quest for simplicity and stylization, this artist relies solely on natural light to create her masterpieces. She allows the images to arise and grow organically, guided by her intuition and emotions. This intimate process, carried out in the solitude of her home, enables her to delve deep into the depths of her own soul.

By capturing the unseen moments that often go unnoticed in news reels, this photographer challenges our perception of tragedy and invites us to confront our own mortality. Her art serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.

Through her unique vision and artistic talent, this Antwerp photographer offers a glimpse into the profound beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places. Her works are a testament to the power of art to heal, inspire, and provoke introspection. They invite us to embrace the complexities of life and death, and to appreciate the unseen beauty that surrounds us.

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