Illusory Love

Illusory Love

Popup exhibition of AI hyperrealist portraits
Van Dijke silver prints

To welcome you in the best conditions, visits under appointment

Olivier Guyaux, Zhu Dan and Petermfriess.

Can hyperrealist portraits generated with the help of artificial intelligence be considered art brut? As autonomous gestures synthesised by a subtle textual description, they test the boundary between the real and the unreal, between that which is human and that which is not. 
The noble process used to print them on paper strengthens our credibility.  
Are we ready to experience feelings of love and compassion when faced with a depiction of a person who has never existed?

Tiny Gallery, a challenging encounter between two exhibitions text desciptions portraits facing originals in the form of tintypes, cyanotypes, and glass plates.

The artists are entering into a real debate here, and is sounding the alarm. For them, the photographic gesture is identical to the real world. The stylisation, lighting, attitude and expression of the model are all determined and arranged in the text and are therefore intentional and controlled. Printing using old processes fulfils the illusion, and leads to the machine being forgotten. We must be careful.

For this second exhibition dedicated to images generated by textual description, the Tiny Gallery questions our credulity when faced with images. Up to now, photography has been the voluntary representation of a real situation or moment. This is no longer the case..


rue de la Cuve, 26
1050 Brussels. (Flagey) 

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