30-01-2024  Photo Blabla Café Exhibition street photography

30-01-2024 Photo Blabla Café Exhibition street photography

The Photo Blabla Café exhibition, organized by the Tiny Gallery and part of the Photo Brussels Festival, is a unique gathering for street photography enthusiasts.

It features the work of 14 amateur photographers from various countries, all connected to Saint Gilles, Brussels. The photographs, carefully selected during friendly meetings where each artist had the opportunity to present their creations, will be showcased at the Tiny Gallery, Ixelles from January 30 to February 27. This exhibition will offer visitors an immersion into the diverse facets of urban life, embodying the spirit of community and a shared passion for capturing the simplicity and spontaneity of everyday moments. 


Lola Bastin, Cristina Epure, Wout De Ridder, Sujay Iyer, Lily Josancy, Christina Ford,  Marina Kalleny, Marta Runarsdottir, Carole Moncoquet, Ben Money-Kyrle, Beatričė Narbutaitė, Nina Vlassova, Dorothée Wycart,  Sephan Van Den Zegel, Olivier Guyaux

At the Tiny Gallery, Ixelles -  Rue de la Cuve 26, 1050 Brussels

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