Tinygallery Ephemeral Exhibition Night

Tinygallery Ephemeral Exhibition Night

DEC 15 entrance at 6:30 pm and 8h30pm limited to 25 seats CST

La Tinygallery is also a place of research and artistic experimentation. We invite you to an evening of immersion in the visual and sound aesthetic creations of Laure Winants, Petermfriess and Olivier Guyaux 

Laure Winants  
Visualizing the Invisible Drivers of Climate Change — Atmospheric gas and micro particules; carbon dioxyde, methane and blackcarbon. This light Installation is the experiment result from high concentration of atmospheric gases and analog film. 

The CLIMATE SENSOR project is based on long-term research around natural elements and offers an experimental photographic study on the traces that climatic fluctuations and dynamics draw on earth and on matter. To sense these markers of change, she surrounds herself with a multidisciplinary team whose approaches focus on climatology, and their measurement tools —  Field forecasting, Data and Sensing Instrumentation.


Olivier Guyaux et PETERMFRIESS  
Revisiting charming photographs of Ixelles in former times, the digital performance remix familiar landscapes becoming forms and colors. The archive is no longer strange to us, but acts as a revealer of abandoned personal emotions, and from our stories. Spectators are invited to immerse themselves in real time in the gazes of faces who call out to them like the picnickers of the famous "Déjeuner sur l'herbe".


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