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Tree full days of Antique Cyanotype Private Workshop

Tree full days of Antique Cyanotype Private Workshop

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Comprehensive Cyanotype Workshop Program:

  • Introduction and Overview:
    • Welcoming participants to the workshop.
    • Brief history and artistic significance of cyanotype photography.
    • Safety guidelines and an overview of the day’s activities.
  • Session 1: The Basics of Cyanotype Printing :
    • Understanding the Cyanotype Process:
      • Detailed explanation of cyanotype printing, including its unique visual qualities. Historical exemples
      • Overview of the materials and chemicals used. 
    • Image Selection and Negative Preparation:
      • Choosing images from personal collections for cyanotype creation.
      • Techniques for converting images into negatives suitable for printing.
    • Mixing and Applying Cyanotype Solution:
      • Hands-on demonstration and participation in mixing the cyanotype chemistry.
      • Application of the solution to paper, preparing for exposure.

  • Session 2: Exposure and Development 
    • Exposing the Paper to UV Light:
      • Techniques for exposing cyanotype-coated paper to natural or artificial UV light.
      • Experimenting with exposure times to achieve different effects.
    • Washing and Drying Prints:
      • Instructions on how to properly wash and dry cyanotype prints.
      • Discussion on the chemical reactions completing the cyanotype process.
  • Session 3: Post-Processing and Modifications :
    • Advanced Finishing Techniques:
      • Introduction to post-processing techniques to enhance cyanotype prints.
      • Use of various agents for toning and tinting to alter the appearance of prints.
    • Creating Tinted Cyanotypes:
      • Specific methods for adding color to cyanotype prints, including tea and coffee staining.
      • Hands-on practice with different materials to achieve unique, personalized effects.
  • Materials and Equipment Provided:
    • All necessary chemicals for cyanotype solution.
    • High-quality paper for printing.
    • UV lamps and/or arrangements for sunlight exposure.
    • Tools and materials for post-processing and tinting.
  • Workshop Features:
    • Designed for beginners and creatives of all backgrounds.
    • Private, personalized instruction ensuring a deep understanding of the process.
    • Emphasis on the artistic potential of cyanotype, from traditional blue prints to innovative, tinted creations.
    • Comprehensive approach covering from basic techniques to advanced modifications.
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