Collection: Workshops summery

The TinyGallery is a place of exhibition and creation dedicated to the practice of photography and image. A small museum of amateur photography, the historic, funny and inspiring collection pays tribute to everyday photographers. An intimate place, it allows through slow photography techniques a personal journey and enrichment. The individualized courses are intended for both beginners wishing an initiation, and experienced artists wishing to explore new techniques. The TinyGallery is also very attentive to the inclusion of more fragile people or people with disabilities.

Workshop from €17.50/hour.

Old process workshops - Cyanotype, VanDijke, Gomme Bichromatée
You develop your personal talent supervised by artists and specialists in alternative and analogue photographic processes. All equipment and products are available at the TinyGallery laboratory. With the desire to learn, no prior knowledge of photography or chemistry is necessary. Easy to learn, but very creative in advanced mode, we start from a choice of photos taken from your phone or your camera. Coating of the emulsion on natural paper, exposure of the image, finishing treatment and improvements. This very intimate process maximizes emotion. Prints in dark Prussian blue or albumen brown are true masterpieces and reveal all the creativity of photography, from shooting to printing.

Analog photography workshops
You discover the very special way of taking photos with a vintage camera from the collection or your own reflex camera. Loading the film, calculating the light, focusing, from shooting to printing, you learn to focus on the essentials, in complete disconnection. You interact with the principles of great photography and complete the discovery with black and white laboratory printing on analog paper.

Exhibition of works at the end of the season

Rue de la Cuve, 26 in 1050 Brussels
0475 27 95 56