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Antique Cyanotype Workshop, level 1

Antique Cyanotype Workshop, level 1

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The Tiny Gallery in Brussels is set to host a personal workshop on cyanotype photography, a process that stands out for its simplicity and emotional depth. This event is tailored for both seasoned artists and curious amateurs, requiring no prior expertise in photography or chemistry.

The workshop, led by experienced artists, offers a straightforward introduction to cyanotype. Participants will begin with images from their phones or cameras, moving towards creating their own cyan-blue prints. The process involves hand-coating natural paper with cyanotype chemicals, exposing it to UV light, and then applying finishing treatments to enhance the artwork.

Transform simple photos into striking Prussian blue prints and enhance them with finishing treatments, creating a personal masterpiece. This intimate workshop encourages creativity through a variety of materials and a relaxed, supportive environment. Join us in Brussels for a hands-on, educational experience in cyanotype photography. Choose a date and add to cart for a 3-person max private lab session at 15 euros/hour, with other dates available upon request.

Each Saturday 3pm

Entry level. Private lab for three persons max. Other dates on request.15 euros/hour Session pack of 3 hours.


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